Butternut Soup

Wheat-, Gluten-, Dairy-Free Muffins
31st Jul 2018
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7th Aug 2018

Butternut Soup


2 Whole Butternuts
1 Onion
1 Cinnamon Sticks
7,5 ml Salt

300 g Chuck Meat (or any stew meat)
20 ml Veggie Stock (Nature’s Choice)
45 ml Honey


Peel Butternuts and Onion, put all the first four ingredients in the Pressure Cooker and set it on 30 min.
Fry the cut up meat in a saucepan together with the honey & veggie stock, till brown. Blend the Butternut mixture with a electric mixer stick till smooth. Add the fried meat to the Butternut mixture and put it all together back in the Pressure Cooker for 30 min. Serve steaming hot.