Allergy/ Sensitivity

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7th Aug 2018
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Allergy/ Sensitivity

Clients are often confused between Allergic and Sensitive to a food item. When you have an allergic reaction to food, it will cause immediate havoc in the body, meaning the body produce Anti-bodies (IgE) that causes severe reactions. In different people the reaction also differ. Some have difficulty in breathing and other go into epileptic shock etc. If this Anti-body is released it is an Allergy. Most of the time it is this IgE test that is request by your doctor to determine the item that cause the reaction.

The other Anti-body is IgG, this cause less obvious reactions and this is not tested regularly if you don’t ask for it. The top suspects are dairy products, wheat, eggs, yeast, soya, animal dander and sulphites. Asthma and dairy products are linked. In other clients it cause excess mucous that blocks the nasal cavities with a result of sinusitis and ear infections. IBS is also an example of wheat and gluten intolerance that damage the gut lining and prevent the colon to continue with normal bowel movement. The colon is irritated by the food substance and therefore it is not functioning properly with a result of constipation or diarrhoea. Best is to avoid an item if your body don’t tolerate it so that normal functioning can take place. The above examples are the most common ones, but there are plenty more.

If the production of IgG continue it cause extra strain on the immune system, blocks the lymphatic system, prevent weight loss and have a negative effect on the whole body.

It is recommended to avoid food items that cause unbalances to reap ultimate health and feel energetic. Food is to enjoy, restore and build cells, not to damage. We have learned wrong eating patterns from parents and people around us, it is time to listen to your body that have the blue print for your specific needs. You can’t rectify wrong eating with medicine and expect to feel great and have a body free of disease. Take responsibility for your health today, it is your responsibility.

If you need help to find the suspects that cause Asthma, eczema, constipation and or sinusitis contact me for a test. The body show exactly what it wants and not wants. It is a non-invasive test while you relax in a lazy boy chair. The cost is R350, duration is between 90min – 120min.