3rd Dec 2018

Vegan Cookie; Gluten free; Paleo Pizza Base?

What does this terminology mean? I was ordering an Almond milk Cappuccino in a Restaurant and the waiter was very impressed to serve me with a Vegan cookie on the saucer. My husband immediately replied that we eat Gluten free and therefore will return the cookie. The waiter kept on stressing that it was Vegan and my husband kept saying that it contains flour. This made me realise that people don’t know how different ingredients are restricted on different diets. If you are on a special diet, where certain foods are eliminated from your food list, be patient with people who don’t understand you. If you are not working in the Health or Food industry, you may have no clue what Lacto-vegetarian or a Paleo Diet means . So, allow me to explain briefly. Vegans- avoid consuming any animal flesh, animal by-products or foods containing an ingredient from animal origin. […]
9th Oct 2018

Allergy/ Sensitivity

Clients are often confused between Allergic and Sensitive to a food item. When you have an allergic reaction to food, it will cause immediate havoc in the body, meaning the body produce Anti-bodies (IgE) that causes severe reactions. In different people the reaction also differ. Some have difficulty in breathing and other go into epileptic shock etc. If this Anti-body is released it is an Allergy. Most of the time it is this IgE test that is request by your doctor to determine the item that cause the reaction. The other Anti-body is IgG, this cause less obvious reactions and this is not tested regularly if you don’t ask for it. The top suspects are dairy products, wheat, eggs, yeast, soya, animal dander and sulphites. Asthma and dairy products are linked. In other clients it cause excess mucous that blocks the nasal cavities with a result of sinusitis and ear […]
7th Aug 2018

Do you suffer from disturbed sleep, tiredness or anxiety?

Do you suffer from disturbed sleep, tiredness or anxiety? Book a SCIO session with me as soon as possible in order to determine the exact cause and I will assist you to restore the balance you deserve. During my time as a Health Therapist in the Garden Route Area, I realise that the majority of my clients suffer with disturb sleep, tiredness and anxiety. For different reasons the main stream medical system address the symptoms of these disturbances, but not the cause. The Adrenal Glands are one of the main reasons for the above mentioned symptoms. They produce hormones that act as chemical messengers that regulates a multitude of functions in the body. We all known about the fight or flight response, this is regulated by Adrenaline which is responsible for the physiological characteristics of the stress response. In Alternative Medicine the above conditions can be addressed by means of […]